The Start Of My Writing Journey

Hello! My name is Kendra and I am a 19 year old female. I have loved writing ever since I was a child and I would love to pursue it more in my future. I am starting this blog in hopes to improve my writing along with building a community.

What I will be posting:

I plan to post a small work everyday containing 500+ words unless specified. I will post the prompts on my socials so that if you’re a writer you can join me.

I hope to also write reviews on the books I read. If you have any recommendations please let me know!

I hope to share my experiences with self-publishing and the struggles of writing a book.

What genres do I write/read?:

I love writing horror and romance. I occasionally will write other genres but those two are my main genres. I read mostly romance but I also enjoy a good fantasy book.

I hope to grow my writing skills and make new friends! Join me on this journey!



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